How technology helps NGOs increase reach and efficiency

Technology allows organizations to reach out to people, thanks to the positive transformation that it has brought into play—a crucial role in sustainable development.

The 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report ( summarizes how non-government organizations worldwide use web applications and email communications, online and mobile fundraising tools and social and mobile media.

According to the report, internet infrastructure will continue to improve worldwide, which means NGOs will become more empowered to use the internet to inspire philanthropy and create social change by 2025. The report shows that 71% of NGOs regularly send email updates to donors and supporters, while 92% of global NGOs have a Facebook page and 72% a Twitter handle.

While assessing the online technology effectiveness rating of the tools they use, the majority of the respondents said that these were somewhat effective except for Instagram. Thirtyfive per cent said that text messaging was very effective to reach out to their beneficiaries, followed by email updates.

Only 26% said that Facebook was a very effective tool to reach out to people, although it has a billion active users globally.

According to the report, 69% of NGOs said that social media was very effective in creating online brand awareness, whereas 40% said that social media is very effective in creating social change.

The report said 68.3% of the respondents use .org domain whereas only 2.2% use the .ngo domain.

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