Towards enabling automation and customisation of applications, workflows and processes, we assist in the development of the following data gathering and automation tools that are stepping stones to Industrie 4.0:

  • IOT platforms and Web Dashboards -  Web based Dashboards with Role requirement specific features, access control, alert management and action flows, notifications and diagnostic support features bring together data from different sections of the organisation into a single view as may be required for quick decision making. Eg of some dashboards that we have worked on are Smart meter dashboards, UPS dashboards, Inverter and Solar plant management dashboards.
  • Sensor based Automation - Installation of sensors, gathering sensor data with suitable backend databases, Graphical displays of real time information and associated analytics along with planned role based Web dashboards provide support for effective realtime diagnostics and man and machine utilisation management and tracking. Eg of some sensor based automation that we have worked on are Ultrasonic wave based thermal sensor automation, motor controller based automation dashboards.
  •  Asset management and tracking - Asset tracking and management is a core area of our work. Indoor, outdoor and indoor-outdoor tracking of assets upto various degrees of precision is a key developmental technology component for organisational process optimisation, productivity analysis and usage insights. Our current focus is on outdoor asset tracking with our own product class leading to a deep understanding of Cellular Connectivity and GPS. We are also building expertise on indoor tracking with WiFi, BLE. Satellite and UWB based tracking is also planned.
  • Research to commercialisation prototyping - As a team with a strong academic background and research mindset, we have keen interest in supporting the conversion of research products to real-world testable prototype deployments. This typically involves delving in to understand the technicalities behind the research work to the extent needed to convert the research prototypes to test deployment software. Eg areas worked on are diverse from thermal sensor waveform polishing, prototyping travel and sports workflow applications including mobile apps and mobile-friendly webapps and research prototypes on web crawlers, waste ontologies, railway traffic routing, etc.