Jivass Technologies is an IOT startup supporting customers in Automating their processes with Asset Tracking/Management, Sensor enabled Digitization and Process Digitalization.

Today, Jivass Technologies is company focused on IOT, IIOT and Industrie 4.0 enablement. However, when we started, it was with an initial aim to enable part time jobs for women. Web development was the initial focus. As the diversity of skills among our work force expanded to included embedded systems, we sought out early embedded projects from among our willing customer base. It was on the suggestion of our happy customers that Jivass Technologies pivoted to focus on Internet of Things.

Just as Information Technology has had a transformative impact on society, the Internet of Things promises to provide dramatic opportunities in particular to machine and factory automation. For a country like India with a large MSME sector, these provide powerful cost saving tools for improved viability, sustainability and scalability of businesses even as manual labour costs become unsustainable. As a result, enabling automation has become a centre-piece for our motivation.

Customisation is key to the automation sector as technology is evolving, requirements are diverse and standardisation is not possible in an innovation and change driven space. We work with our customers as an extension of their team to evolve customisations relevant for their needs.

Customisation is critical as the Industry 4.0 journey consists of many stages - instrumenting systems with sensor based controls for gathering data to cloud, managing and controlling these systems remotely, honing the data to continuously improve analysis, trouble shooting and prediction... Initial costs of investment are high with returns at a distance down the road.

Rather than being contrained by market access restrictions of the covid-19 situation, the Jivass Technologies team focused its efforts on developing cost saving products and service capabilities for the Machine Automation and Industrie 4.0 enablement space. Given the high technology costs for adoption and migrating towards Industrie 4.0, our aim was to reduce the cost, effort and timelines for customisations. We have developed expertise in Web Dashboards, Sensor interfacing and Asset Tracking and Management. We will continue to develop our skills and service capabilities and hone our products further as journey into the future with our customers.

MCA Regn :LLP Identification Number: AAG-8908
About Us

Part-timing with us
A number of our key roles are managed by very qualified women in part-time roles. They continue to play a key role at Jivass Technologies and are part of our ethos

Interning with us
At Jivass Technologies, we believe in the importance of skilling our next generation and have consistently placed significant investment of resources, time and effort in internship that are interesting, involve innovation and learning, cutting edge aspects and improve marketability and skills for our youth. We do not pay internship fees. We do however demand sincerity and commitment in efforts, very similar to our own. We believe that our interns can teach us as much as we can teach them. Our interns from IIIT (Sricity), IIT (Madras), Meenakshi College, Anna University and others have worked on diverse areas such as Web based applications, Web Crawling, Agri IOT, Face recognition, Railway routing, Traffic and vehicle routing, Ontologies for waste management and other areas.

Working with us
Working with us: As a young company working on the edge of technology, innovation and change, working with us involves ideation, learning and research in a positive atmosphere.

Our Founders

Lakshmi Vaidyanathan

Managing Partner

Radha Mohan Durbha



Jivass helped us with our IOT platform and Web based Dashboard Application for our Novel Research based Ultrasonic Waveguide Sensor for the process Industry with deep understanding on diverse topics including Pyhton scientific tools, dynamics sampling of data, Graph analysis and waveform polishing, performance tuning for capture of live,time-sensitive data, interfacing with our novel IOT sensor and then translating these into an effective role based Web platform with on-premise and offline components.

Jivass Technologies helped us break down our complex requirements into clean and simple succint features, understanding our work deeply and simplifying to make a manageable workflow site reachable by our diverse set of stakeholders who range from our students, parents, caregivers, donors, partners, professional trainers, etc.

Jivass Technologies helped us with the creation of our own role based mobile-compatible web and digital platform to enable managing our sports application and the stakeholders. They supported the digitisation process with semi-automated data migration, embedding administrative and operational features for information updates, tracking and comparitive graphs as well as archival and backup-recovery support.