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LIOCICHLA IoT Web Platform for Device Management

Web platforms are the preferred tool for managing and operating various Information Technology activities. With the evolution of the Internet of Things, the Web now presents an opportunity to broaden the management coverage to encompass a wide range of Operational Technology elements such as machines, robots, and cobots, sensor data such as weather and humidity, actuation systems, and previously disconnected elements as well as Mobile Technology elements such as location and position of moving asset, thus gearing up for next-generation Industrie 4.0 based fully  automated factories. 

Our Features

Remote Configuration

Managing Firmware and Enabling Adding New Features


Registering Devices, Assigning Unique identifiers and configurations

Monitoring and Diagnostics

monitoring device status, tracking logs and maintaining diagnostic functionalities

End - To - End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is a security method that keeps your communications secure.

Data Management

collection, storage, processing and representation of data

Lifecycle Management

provisioning to decommissioning of the device

Analytics, Insights and AI

data trends, analysis, prediction and data-driven decision-making

Alerts, Notifications

identify and track unusual device behavior or issues in real-time

Energy Management

Tracking power and battery based operation and estimating life


access control, device specific configurations such as sensor enable/disable, financial and subscription tracking and other platform management functions

Device interaction

Commands to interact with the device to perform maintenance activities such as calibration, OTA updates, device reset and other

Digital Twin

transform appliances such as valves, energy utilities, switches, others into smart appliances, remote-monitor and track them live.

Functional access

Need based Enable/disable operational accesses of different types

Customer profiles

Maintaining customer specific configurations and logins

Role Based Access

It refers to the idea of assigning permissions to users based on their role.


Sensor Gateway

Sensor Gateway for sensing temperature, humidity
Sensor Gateway for sensing temperature, humidity, pressure and other sensor configurations. Support for configurable data sampling rates and alerts.

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker for outdoor tracking and management
Asset Tracker for outdoor tracking and management of assets. Has support for geofencing and configurable alerts.

UPS Monitoring

The GYRFALCON IoT UPS Monitoring Gateway integrates with UPS
The GYRFALCON IoT UPS Monitoring Gateway integrates with UPS appliances to provide real time information about UPS status and overall UPS performance.