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Our Services

We understand the power of websites in facilitating communication, managing workflow, and handling IoT and IoT devices. We offer services that enable owners to visualise a snapshot of business interdependencies, analytics and decision making requirements through robust dashboards.

Workflow Solutions

Business Workflows for Process Digitalizations, Asset tracking, others

Corporate Websites

Design and Host, Branding, Design, Content Management System

Research Based Prototypes

Design, Integrate, Shape Data, Field Test, Prototype, Role-based access

Workflow Solutions

Improve your efficiency and productivity, and streamline your business

  • Our systems are used to improve efficiency, productivity, reduce redundancy, streamline business processes, measure and control, and improve collaboration by defining, controlling, and optimizing how work is executed and passed from one step to another within the business.
  • Our workflow solution includes the collection of key data for decision-making, enabling data-driven performance tracking, manual process reduction and elimination, data exchange as well as coordination.
  • Our solutions enable monitoring of information through reminders, alerts, and notifications via email, mobile notifications, and in-app alerts.
  • Finally, our suitable role based dashboards provide the snapshot views for the workflow solutions.
  • Convert offline processes into online integrated workflow solutions to help streamline your business operations, and enable significant efficiencies and savings.
  • Build a workflow system to map out business process and tasks, determine roles, enable routing and flow, report statuses, and document creation components.
  • To troubleshoot, implement audit trails for security and compliance, with logs and access control, improving overall accountability.

Dashboard Features

Web-based Dashboards

Escalation Matrix


Customised Warnings and Alerts



Report Generation

Configurations and Notifications

Real-Time Updates

Feature Access Control

Role Based Authentication

Charts and Visualization

Corporate Websites

Enhance your digital presence through our solutions and communicate with a wide range of stakeholders

  • Corporate websites are vital components of a company’s digital presence and an important tool for communicating with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • We help to develop the firm’s identity, brand, and online presence, allow access to company collateral such as logos and brochures, and typically include information such as the mission and values, as well as contact information.
  • Integrate e-commerce portals, employ content management systems, and utilize forms and surveys to provide customer engagement interface.
  • Features like role-based logins to engage investors, employees and other stakeholders, and plugins to enhance experience and usage metrics, are a few of our comprehensive services on corporate websites.utions.

Our Web Solution Offers



Online Presence

Logos & Brochures

Business Case

Ecommerce Portals

Content Management

Forms & Surveys

Research Based Prototypes

Integrate our research based prototypes to automate your business

  • In-house development of research-based prototypes is a crucial tool that bridges gaps and gives form to a demonstrable product.
  • Our research-driven prototypes assist you in turning your ideas into real solutions.
  • We take your concept, research and evolve user interfaces, integrate and add algorithms, collate various data input sources and add functional pieces and stitch together different distinct lab components into a cohesive prototype through a collaborative approach.
  • We have successfully developed three prototypes—asset trackers, sensor-based systems, and UPS monitoring gateways—which require a multidisciplinary approach, integrating hardware, software, and networking solutions.
  • Test and refine your ideas before investing in full-scale development, to ensure cost-effective and successful product or application.
  • Collect valuable user feedback and technical evaluation, modify design, experiment with your end user, and convert a concept into a working design.
  • Integrate users early on to connect your application with product needs and user preferences, discover and resolve main areas, and maximize the viability of your application.